New Amazon Gift Card

What is Amazon gift card?

The Amazon Pay e-Gift Card is a quick, easy, and appropriate present for any occasion. It tends to be utilized to shop across a huge number of items across Amazon or pay on any of the Amazon Pay accomplice sites. We offer 1000+ plans covering 30+ events. To look for e-Gift vouchers, click here.

How to use gift cards?

The most effective method to Utilize a Gift voucher. Present the gift card to the cashier during checkout to use it in a physical store. They will filter the card or physically input the card number to deduct the buy sum from the card’s equilibrium.

What is the rate of Amazon gift card?

Right now, the most elevated rate for Amazon gift vouchers in Nigeria is 940 naira for each dollar while the least rate is 920 naira for every dollar. There are many different countries and denominations of Amazon gift cards. The worth varies relying upon the sort of Amazon gift voucher you need to sell.

How to buy Amazon gift cards?

Alexa’s answer

You can arrange email, instant message, Print at Home or actual gift vouchers on To purchase a present card, go to Present Cards. Then, at that point, pick the sort of present card you need to purchase and the sum. Select after selecting Add to Cart.

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